Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Farm Livin' Is The Life For Me!

We decided to take it up a notch from the previous post. Why not start an ambitious garden?

Sure, we have no idea what we're doing.

I do know that all the cool retirees in the neighborhood are doing it....so how hard can it be?

Okay, it's a little difficult, but we had a blast working hard in the yard - and Brad has a sexy farmer's tan to boot.

My boys are worn out!
Dallas had a good ol' time sprinting through the garden after we so carefully organized the rows. When he wasn't destroying our progress, he was chilling in his baby pool all day.

We even planted a tree this weekend....for Dallas....is that weird? Little Bear has been missing his peach tree.
We worked so hard to get everything planted. Perhaps we should have checked the weather report for that night - frost. No worries, we have a bazillion boxes in the basement to protect our precious veggies. Check out our lovely box garden.

Just know that even though I think I have gone country, this Waterford box begs to differ.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

We've Gone Country

Happy Easter you-ins! I hope it was a great day for everyone. We almost had to postpone Easter this year because I had the worst stomach bug that I can remember. I got really sick the night before my test...which I had been studying weeks for....grrrr. I'm a nerd, I don't miss tests! But I digress, thankfully the Hatton household was finally all better for celebrating Easter.

Looks like the Easter Bunny brought Dallas some goodies. He's smiling!

And it looks that that clever Bunny brought Brad a new lawn mower. Don't worry, I know every man would want to pick out his own mower, and he did.

And it's official - we've gone country.

Spring is gorgeous here!

"See ya later!"