Sunday, April 26, 2009

Playing Catch-up

Oh geez. I've got a hand full of excuses for why I've neglected the blog, but the main reason is I'm incredibly boring. I was in Chicago this past week for work and it was great spending more time with the people I had met there a few weeks ago. After conquering Chicago deep dish pizza I set my sights/appetite on authentic Chicago style hot dogs. Mission accomplished.

When will I ever learn that stuffing my face is not the least bit attractive.

The 2 Texas transplants supporting former Ranger superstar.

I'm already missing my Cali buddies Sammy and Nikki!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter from Tennessee!

Happy Easter! My gift to you is this one-of-a-kind yard art that has been on display in front of a TN resident's home since February. I have absolutely no idea how all of these stuffed bunnies have survived all the rain and snow.
But seriously, I hope the TRUE meaning of Easter is alive in your life!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Review - brought to you by Dallas

Sleep in.

Jingle ball infused breakfast. Just the way I like it.

a little yoga

so many sticks to chew

Ahhh... Life is good!
xoxo - Dallas

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Boy am I excited about this one. I just stumbled across the most genius website I've seen since Google. Not only does it display pictures for EVERY type of mullet you can imagine, but it also gives "mullet hunting techniques" for beginners like myself. You can submit your mullet pics and track where the incident occurred. To my surprise, there was only one picture for the whole state of Tennessee. Give me one week and I can fix that. Here's a taste, but when you have absolutely nothing better to do, check it out:

Mullet Hunting Techniques:

STEALTH: The pic is taken from a distance or behind an object (tree, car, etc.) The mullet usually has no idea you have hunted him. It's a really good technique to use when you sense the mulletude and you need the pic.

BAIT: (Most common) You have a friend stand next to the mullet and pretend like youre taking a picture of you're friend (the bait). This works well because you can get a nice close up of the mullet. You might get a few strange looks from the prey...but whatever, that's part of the fun of hunting.

"The Unbelievamull"