Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bad Dog Mommy - Bad!

I'll explain the title in just a bit.

What a crazy busy week! How do you moms with real children do it?!? After a hectic day at work for both of us, Brad and I were going to meet our realtor at the new house to do the final walk-through. It was such a crazy day and I knew there was a lot we needed to do with packing, setting up utilities, house closing, yada-yada-ya. We were all smiles and so excited to go through the house and really know it was ours.

Then I got the phone call.

I forgot to pick up my sweet fuzzy baby from doggie day care. Geez Louise! What is wrong with me! They were kind enough to wait for me, but I'm pretty sure Dallas has been giving me sad looks all evening because he knows...oh yes...he knows.

Poor little guy. So mistreated.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Almost there!

If all goes as planned (dear Lord please!), we will close on our house on Friday and spend Halloween with the movers and boxes galore! Brad and I are excited, stressed, and surprisingly a little sad to leave our colorful rent house. We call it our "wing and a prayer" house. We moved far away from our family because it was clearly God's will for us - even though we weren't sure where we would live! In comes the bright blue rent house way out in the country with gold glitter painted walls. And it has been PERFECT! Nine months of quality time, camp fires, mountain views, laughter, and love. Our God provides!

This should be a pretty crazy week - look at me- I'm blogging to avoid having to pack and clean ;)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Camp Ruff n' More

Check it out! The doggie day care Dallas goes to during the week has started a blog:

The very first pic is Dallas on the diving board : )

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy FALL You'ins*

Pumpkins, apple cider, colors of fall, new TV season, smell of autumn in the air, sweatshirts, college football, bowl of chili, fire in the fireplace, fall mums, toasting marshmallows, Christmas is on its way, no more mowing the lawn, smell of baked apple pie, bird hunting (for Brad), fall decorations, warm blankets, SUNDAY FOOTBALL

... and these are a few of my favorite things

* FYI...Folks around here do not say "you guys" or "ya'll". They say "you'ins".

So about that football. Brad and I are thrilled to have family just 4 hours away in Nashville. Last weekend we drove to Nashville and stayed the weekend with Brad's cousins. What a sweet and amazing family! We got to tag along and watch the girls go to their Homecoming dance and bonfire. Since Brad has never been to Nashville, we were going to drive in to downtown and check things out - that is, until I got super dooper sick. Yuck, but no sickness was going to keep me from going to the Titans vs Colts game that night! WOW! What an incredible experience!

Brad and the girlies


We were very excited to see Peyton Manning :) I learned something new - Peyton played for the University of Tennessee. What a good ol' boy!

I was just a little excited to be there ;)

On the way to our seats, we passed by Trace Adkins! He was headed to sing the national anthem. The guy in the black sweater is NFL hall of famer Eddie George. Trust me, I was freaking out and I wanted to ask for a picture, but I was trying to act civilized.

Best seat in the house!

Brad is such a smart and wonderful husband.
He declined having his picture taken with the lovely cheerleaders.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Underwood family for such a wonderful time!

A couple of weeks ago Brad and I headed up the road to check out the changing leaves. They weren't changing much then, but the beautiful colors are starting to come out now. I had no idea that fall could be so beautiful.

Dinner and a college football game with our friends Matthew and Michelle.

Oh and one last update, we found little kitty a great home! Dallas tried to look for her for several days after she left, but he is back to his life as an only fuzzy child.
12 more days until we close on our house! WOOT!