Monday, January 25, 2010


At last... I finally got to go home, and it was wonderful! The whole crew greeted me at the airport, and because they know me so well, they had a bunch of burritos with green chile waiting in the car. Now that's my kind of homecoming!

I am so accustomed to my slow and quiet life with just Brad, fuzzy baby, and myself. Going into the Mendenhall house when all 4 kids are under one roof is like a wild circus...the freakshow kind. And I LOVE every minute of it. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures because I didn't want to miss any of the live action...and the ones I did take are of Kristen being a weirdo. So I'll do the best recap I can with what we've got here.

Congrats Krissy! She is officially done with school and she is a licensed cosmetologist. It was so cool to have her highlight and cut my hair. I have a lot of experience with getting my hair highlighted, and hands down she is the BEST! And I'm not just saying that because I have to put up with her. My hair has never looked this good! Kristo has been obsessed with hair since she was a toddler. Back then she used to spend hours putting every bow and clip in my hair...and sometimes I would catch her using her spit for hair gel - and now she really knows what she is doing. I'm so proud of her! Oh yes, she also gave me a flippin' wonderful pedicure, foot massage and all!

This next section of pics is titled "Kristen Creepin". Long story, but the word 'creepin' was our word of choice for the week. It may or may not have something to do with Jersey Shore.

I wanted to get pics of all the family, and you'll notice Kristen's face somewhere in every picture. She was creepin'.

Me and little Tay after church (and Kristen)

Daddy watching football (and Kristo creepin)

Momma and Kristen

Beautiful baby Taylor all grown up (and Krissy creepin' around the corner)

Handsome brother Justy, and you know who else...

That concludes the creepin'. I will no longer use that word from here on out, promise.

A portrait of a mother and daughter
No - I did not photoshop that cat. She is huge!
I realize fat cats are no laughing matter because of serious health concerns. Please make no mention of this to Kristen because serious crying will ensue. Trust me.

We went to a Goddard Rockets basketball game to cheer on Tay shaking her groove thang at half time. That girl can dance! I'm pretty sure she got her sweet dance skills from me...
We were also at the game to cheer on the Rocket's handsome head coach, Coach Jones :)

Kristen Elyse,
I would put a normal picture of you on here if I had one.

You too Justin...

I already miss you guys! Thankfully we have cell phones, facebook, blogs, skype etc to keep up with each other. I won't have to miss my parents for too long because I will see them in LAS VEGAS in just a few weeks! WOOHOO!

I'll leave you with one last thought. Maybe you'll even dream about this tonight.

Someone should really let Kristen know that a lepard Snuggie should not be worn like a hospital gown and/or used as a towel. This girl is incapable of being embarrassed. That's one of the many reasons we love her!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I didn't forget...Christmas pics!

What a wonderful Christmas! Brad and I are so thankful that his parents were able to travel to TN to spend time with us at Christmas. We managed to fit in movies, puzzles, hours of Catch-Phrase, sight seeing in the mountains and historic Jonesborough...and of course, overeating and lots of presents :)

Dallas's Grandma didn't want him to feel left out. She brought him a whole platter of goodies from Three Dog Bakery. There was a nice puddle of drool in the area.

The 3 Amigos bunked up watching our favorite Christmas play, "Tuna Christmas".

Christmas Morning! If I am this excited to see my doggie open his presents, I will be a looney-tune when it's a human child.

Brad was super excited to give his Dad a Vince Young autographed football. His Dad is a proud UT alum.

YEA! I needed some stylish clothes and shoes! I've caught myself embracing the TN comfort style. This means, wear-what-ever-in-the-heck-you-want-style-because-nobody-cares.

Mrs. Clause!

burns my eyes!

We took a nice stroll through downtown Jonesborough. Sometimes I feel like we live in an adorable storybook. This town is so cute. Most of our time was spent in the candy store. I have to admit that we racked up $30 worth of taffy, fun-dip, and candy cigarettes.

Brad and his Momma

Brad and his Dad

FYI...if you like rocking chairs, TN is the place to be. They are every where.

Now I'm just left with the sadness that Christmas is over. I get so excited and worked-up about it - I can't even fall asleep on Christmas Eve. Thanks Hatton Family for making it a memorable 1st Christmas in Tennessee!

Next on the agenda - FINALLY going home to see the family in Roswell! Get ready Momma, Daddy, Justy, Krissy, and TayBug - I'm going to hug you til' it hurts! Also, please call Burrito Express and tell them to stock up on ingredients for Steak Combos with green chile because their #1 fan is coming to town!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Come on in!


I thought I would give you a little tour of the new place. This will just have to do until you can get your vacation scheduled to come visit us :) Now you'll have to use your imagination because I've still got A LOT to do around here.

So come on in! I should warn you that 3 birds have made their home in my garland, and they will scare you to death every time you go through the door, even though you know it's coming.

Well, it looks like someone has been waiting for you :)

Here is where we do a lot of living...and sitting on our behinds watching TV.

Turn to the right and we'll go check out the very comfortable guest bedrooms. All I need are some guests. And I just can't stop the passive-aggressive hints.

This blue color was very cute when it was a nursery for the former owners. Now I either need to repaint, or hurry up and have a baby already.

The other guest room and bathroom are just down the hall. Please don't trip on all the pictures I have lined against the floor. They may be like that for awhile.

Another room in need of repainting. Any ideas - I'm so indecisive!

Okay, back to the living room.

Oh, that's Dallas's book. I know what you're thinking....I'm crazy...and you're right. I will buy almost anything if there is a golden retriever on it.

To the kitchen...

Thanks for the cute decorating idea Jaci! Check out her blog on my list, the Johnson Family.

I'm thinking a cinnamon kind-a color for the dining room...maybe...gosh, I don't know.

Head over this way to the basement, garage, laundry room and our bedroom. The basement is HUGE and VERY messy at the moment. That project is all Brad's.

I'm loving the new bedding I got from Crate and Barrel. Now I need a bed to go with it ;) I'm thinking a big leather head board. And I need to figure out a good color for this room too.

Hooray for a nice bathtub!

We LOVE our nice organized closest thanks to Mom Yvonne.

Thanks for visiting our little world. Please come back, you're always welcome!

Dallas, back to your chores! Please take the jingle ball out of the dishwasher!

More Christmas pics to come!