Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Special Sister

Weekly update: Still have kitty, despite my efforts to find it a new home via Craig's list - packing AGAIN to move into our new house. I daydream of decorating at least 12 hours out of the day :) Other than that, there isn't much to report.

I was just on a conference call with my mom, brother and sisters...because one of my sisters (Kristen) is in a little bit of trouble. I find it hilarious because I got in trouble for the exact same thing my freshman year in college ;) What did we do? I'll never tell....

All that laughing at Krissy's expense made me really homesick. It has almost been 1 year since I have seen my family. I started looking through pictures of when I was last at home, and I thought my mom would get a kick out of these never before seen embarrassing pictures of Kristen. So Mom, when ever pissy-krissy gets you frustrated, just remember she is "special".

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh boy...

We are going to miss our little rent house out in the country with the gorgeous panoramic mountain views, but there is one thing I will not miss at all. That would be the mean people that keep dumping their unwanted animals near our house! I love all animals and we would have a zoo if I were to keep them all.

Last week I got home from work and thought I heard a kitten crying (this is not the same kitten that was living in the frame of Brad's car....geez that was fun). Dallas and I walked over to the front yard, and of course, a tiny kitten comes bouncing across the street straight over to Dallas.

Great! Now Dallas and kitty are best buddies. They play, run, chase, and snuggle with each other. All the other cats/kittens have not been a big fan of Dallas, so it was easy to not like them. This one is so dang cute; however, we really weren't wanting to expand our fuzzy family.

The Bankston family probably remembers when we all rescued the golden retriever mix awhile back. The dog took turns living at their house and ours until we could find it a good home. Brad wanted to name it something weird so we wouldn't get attached to we named him 'Pickles'. Brad wanted to use that same strategy for kitty, so his solution was to name her 'fart'.

Don't worry, I'm not going to call this little kitty by the name of fart. I'm calling her Annie. She is a little orphan Annie, plus I LOVE that movie :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dallas is on the news!!!

Dallas is a new local celebrity! This week Brad and I took Dallas to a dog swim event at the local pool. Most of the dogs are running around, some were swimming...but not our special pup. He was focused on the diving board and doing some sweet jumps. He started drawing a crowd and he ended up getting a little feature on the news. Oh how we love our fuzzy baby!

Check out the clips! A little ghetto I'll admit, I videoed the tv. But hey! It worked. Watch the first one, and then check out the 2nd video for the blooper version. You can hear Dallas in the background playing with his talking Elmo toy and getting crazy with a squeaker.

Just like the good ol' days - BFF Reunion

At the end of August our best buddies Lana and Curtis came to visit. SOO MUCH FUN!!!

We woke up early Saturday morning to go river rafting. I'm incredibly impressed that we were such a lively bunch because we stayed up til 3 am goofing around and playing rockband. Lana and Curtie are those rare genuine friends that you never seem to run out of things to talk/laugh about. So maybe it was that lack of sleep that caused Lana to go overboard a couple times while rafting ;) I shouldn't make fun Lana, I am a pro at getting stuck on rocks. All 4 of us were soaked and exhausted, but that didn't keep us from pigging out at Stans BBQ! One of the many things I love about TN is that you don't have to get all fancy to go somewhere. That night Brad grilled some amazing steaks and we had smores by the the backyard. And since we are such an athletic crew we got up early on Sunday and went on a beautiful waterfall hike. Dallas was pretty darn excited he got to join the fun. There were too many great pics to post, so check em' all out on the slideshow.

We all agree that this needs to be at least an annual reunion. Brad and I are blessed to have such great friends in our lives! Thanks for coming to see us LP and Curtie Pie!!!