Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back in the saddle

First week back to work - a success!

I'm so thankful I was able to take the past 6 months off of work to just be. It was necessary. I've faced a lot and worked through it. Many sleepless nights and difficult days - so much that I wasn't sure how I would function back in the real world. You think I would have learned this by now...God's timing is perfect.

It felt great to be back at the office last week. I had missed feeling productive...the feeling of contributing to society or having a role other than "the 28 year old widow". It was nice...even if I had to end my 6 month love affair with sweat pants.


Now for something different.

The following is my sincere apology to all of my friends and family that are frustrated with my lack of communication.


I get that it doesn't take that much effort to answer my phone, check my voicemail, respond to texts, or check my email. I GET IT! Perhaps I don't initiate going to lunch etc blah blah blah. All true. All I can say is:

I'm lazy, tired, and me not talking or responding to you is no reflection of how awesome you are. I am just a difficult person to be friends with for this season - but I will get better. The somewhat attentive version of me will emerge one of these days and you'll be happy you stuck it out.


I'll go ahead and step down from my soap box and get my butt to bed.

If you aren't familiar with the iPhone format, this is a screen shot of my phone showing just how lazy and unresponsive I am. Yep...18 unchecked voicemails.

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  1. Looks like to me the best way to communicate is TEXT!! That box is empty! Love you, Mom